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I love reading books and I don't follow a specific genre. I started writing rewiews a year ago and this is the first year that I decided to do it more often.

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Crossing in time by D.L. Orton

Crossing In Time - D. L. Orton, Micah McDonald

Remember How It Feels to Fall in Love?

Race against the clock through a dystopian nightmare. Climb naked into an untested time machine (carrying only a seashell and a promise). Wake up twenty years younger on a tropical beach, buck naked and mortally wounded, with your heart in your throat. 

This is a journey of love, loss, and redemption that will make your pulse gallop and your palms sweat, have you laughing out loud through your tears, and leave you flush with the sublime pleasure of falling in love.


Amazing! I’m so embarrassed that it took me this much to finish it. I swear that it wasn’t because of the story, college sucks! It was such an engaging story, impossible to stop reading it. I really want to continue this series because I can guarantee you that it was worthy. Even with that f***ing cliff hanger at the end, typical of every first book in a series.

It’s not the typical dystopian story and it’s not the typical sci-fi one, it was a very well-done mix between those two genres. You have romance but not tacky or chessy. Iz is a strong independent woman who can easily kick ass and survive by herself while Diego is extremely meaningful to the story and an extraordinary human being.  What I truly enjoyed about this story is the fact that Iz is not a damsel in distress that needs her man to lead her and guide her to survival. Hell no! It might be the other way around...Another thing that I really adore about this story is that it’s told by many characters and not only by Iz, that gives the book a variety of points of view that makes it richer.

D.L. Orton is indeed an amazing writer! I will for sure try to continue reading this series.

Child of the State - Catherine Lea

"He’s first, you're next."

That's the message someone scribbled on a photo of Stacy May Charms' six-year-old son, two days before her release from prison.

Stacy knows why. She doesn't know who.

And she's not waiting around to find out. Her plan is to grab her child and run.

For Elizabeth McClaine—custodian of the Charles McClaine Trust—Stay May’s release has consumed her for the past six months. Contracted to oversee the early release program for young incarcerated mothers, Elizabeth alone is responsible for selection of the first successful applicant. But when Stacy May breaks parole and disappears only two hours after her release, Elizabeth finds herself flung into social and political exile, her reputation in ruins.

With their fates now irrevocably linked, both women must figure out who Stacy’s running from and why.

And all the clues point back to those who were supposed to be saving her.


   I won this book in a Goodreads Giveway over a month ago but as I have tons of things to read for college, I had to put it aside for a while. While I was studying I decided to take a break and I saw this book waiting for me on my bookshelf. "I'll read a few pages and then I continue reading for Spanish Grammar," I thought. BIG MISTAKE. I couldn't stop reading it. I read half of the book during that long long break and then the need to know how this story was going to end was burning my brain and didn't allow me to freaking concentrate as much as I needed to.

    The story itself is so well-written that you can go through pages and pages without even noticing how much you have read. The suspense is so incredibly built that readers, of course including myself, will find hard to leave this book aside.


    A huge point in favour was the fact that this story follows two characters at the same. You can see what's going on with Stacy and what's going on in her mind, and at the same time you can see how her decisions have an impact on Elizabeth's life and Elizabeth's decisions. I know this book will be on my rereads of this year.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

“Me before You” by Jojo Moyes is a very hyped book and since the movie is coming out soon, I decided to give it a try. I watched and read many reviews before actually reading the book so more or less I was aware of the fact that I was going to end up crying at some point.

The story follows a very “normal” girl called Louisa who is twenty-seven years old and who has just lost her job. Her family needs the money so there is no chance for her to be picky about what or where to work (kindof). After trying a few jobs, some of them very disgusting, others not for her, she ends up going to an interview held by Mrs Traynor. Mrs Traynor’s son is a quadriplegic man and Louisa’s job is going to be taking care of him not in a physical level but more in an emotional one. She’ll be paid a really great amount of money so she accepts not without fear.

He is moody, bad-tempered and bossy towards her most of the time but their relationship starts to evolve into something else. After finding out his shocking plan, Louisa embarks on a quest to show him that he has a future beyond his wheelchair.

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

I’m going to start by naming the only part that I didn’t like or that I didn’t enjoy much. Louisa is an intelligent girl, in her own particular way; she knows that her family needs money especially because of what’s going on with her dad and sister. So, how can she be so selective when it comes to jobs? Sure, I do understand that some of the jobs were not for her, but not all of them. If your family is in need, you’ll do whatever to help. Since she is so close to her family, it felt unrealistic. That’s my only critic.

What I really love about this story is the character development and how the relationship between Louisa and Will is built. No instalove! Jojo Moyes has a very fluent and smoothly way of telling the story and the insight details of a quadriplegic life are so well portrayed that as a reader, it’s easy to see how much Jojo Moyes got involve with learning about this disability. It’s not cheesy full of cliché romantic story. It’s a heartbreaking one so be prepare to cry. The less expected character is the one expanding their views of future and life.

The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer

4.5/5 Stars

My rewiew: 

I love it. It's been a while since I picked up a spy thriller book but I'm glad I did. Olen Steinhauer has a marvellous way of creating suspense and getting the reader so into the story that it was very hard for me to put the book down. It's a story that has you completely hooked up since its beginning to its ending. It has a tiny cliffhanger at the end but all in all it was a good closure to a first book in a trilogy. I totally recommend it.



The story follows Milo Weaver, an ex tourist for the CIA. But when the arrest of a long-sought-after assassin sets off an investigation into a colleague, exposing new layers of intrigue in his old cases, he has no choice but to go back undercover and find out who’s been behind it all from the very beginning.

Falling Under

Falling Under - Gwen Hayes 3.5 stars.
I started this books without reading any comments or reviews, just by reading its synopsis. This new reading technique did it to me because I fell into this book without knowing anything at all and everything was a surprise or hypotheses that I built while reading. Was the story good at the end? No, not really. It wasn't my cup of tea but I can see very good things in it so as to recommend it. The development of each character was well-done. ´The relationship between Theia and her father was at times unrealistic and the ending wasn't what I was expecting. It didn't blow my mind at all and it wasn't a big deal of a cliffhanger. I'm sure I won't be reading the second book. This was enough for me.


Corrupt - Penelope Douglas It started pretty good to the point of staying awake till 6 am because I just couldn't stop reading it. Now, when I picked it up again the next day, more than halfway through, it was just meh. Nothing new. I knew everything that was going to happen before it actually happened...too predictable and it was an overused storyline.The kidnapping of the girl by the bad guy and then the hero (her much-loved new boyfriend) appeared and saved the day? come on! If I read this book a year or two years ago, with less books read, maybe I'd like it more than it did now. As I said above, too predictable.
The whole thing about the 4 horsemen is what makes me rate it 2.5 starts (and giving 3).


1984 - George Orwell, Erich Fromm 4.5 stars

End Of Days

End Of Days - Susan Ee LOVE IT! I think the epilogue should have been a little bit longer but all in all, it was a good ending!

Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller [3.5 stars]

Vision in Silver

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop [3.5 stars] Way too slow beginning and even though I love the characters, it got to a point where I was too bored to continue reading.Still I will read the next one!

Yes Please

Yes Please - Amy Poehler 5 stars!(I can't give it less than that)
It was a bit disorganized but I think that made it feel more natural. She is an amazing woman and I loved listening to this audiobook! <3

Feral Sins

Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Good story! A bit predictable but good!

Mafia Captive

Mafia Captive - Kitty Thomas (2.5 stars)

Rose Madder

Rose Madder - Stephen King (1.5 stars) I'm so sorry that I didn't like this book. This was my first Stephen King book and I was quite disappointed, it was slow and very difficult to follow. I actually loved how it started and all the struggling that Rose has to overcome during the beggining of the book. Such a shame that it didn't turn to be what I was expecting. I had too high expectations for this one, my bad.

Rebel Belle

Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins I’ve heard so many good things about this book that I was really excited that I was finally able to read it. Was it up to my expectations? Hell yeah! It was good, funny and easy to read. It is a book that once you start reading you can’t put down and the story makes sense. I’ve read so many books with plots that didn’t make sense at all that once I found one that makes sense, it’s a huge win. Love the characters too. The only thing that I didn’t quite like was all the teen love/hate problems.(That's why I rated it 4 stars and not 5) But, all in all, it is a great book which I’ll probably re-read in the future.

Rosa negra

Rosa negra - Nora Roberts [3.5 stars] The story as a whole was good and I like it. Even though the love story btw Roz and Mitch wasn't bad, I just... couldn't care less. I was just waiting for Amelia to appear. I need to know more about her, I need to know what happened to her and maybe then I'll pay attention to the other side of the story.