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I love reading books and I don't follow a specific genre. I started writing rewiews a year ago and this is the first year that I decided to do it more often.

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Falling Under

Falling Under - Gwen Hayes 3.5 stars.
I started this books without reading any comments or reviews, just by reading its synopsis. This new reading technique did it to me because I fell into this book without knowing anything at all and everything was a surprise or hypotheses that I built while reading. Was the story good at the end? No, not really. It wasn't my cup of tea but I can see very good things in it so as to recommend it. The development of each character was well-done. ┬┤The relationship between Theia and her father was at times unrealistic and the ending wasn't what I was expecting. It didn't blow my mind at all and it wasn't a big deal of a cliffhanger. I'm sure I won't be reading the second book. This was enough for me.