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I love reading books and I don't follow a specific genre. I started writing rewiews a year ago and this is the first year that I decided to do it more often.

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Corrupt - Penelope Douglas It started pretty good to the point of staying awake till 6 am because I just couldn't stop reading it. Now, when I picked it up again the next day, more than halfway through, it was just meh. Nothing new. I knew everything that was going to happen before it actually happened...too predictable and it was an overused storyline.The kidnapping of the girl by the bad guy and then the hero (her much-loved new boyfriend) appeared and saved the day? come on! If I read this book a year or two years ago, with less books read, maybe I'd like it more than it did now. As I said above, too predictable.
The whole thing about the 4 horsemen is what makes me rate it 2.5 starts (and giving 3).